How do you handle anger?
Yes, I mean anger; the one you know. Are you its master or is it yours?
Does every part of your body vibrate and sweat whenever anger comes?
Can nobody calm you the moment you are angry?
Few things deter your progress and productivity the way anger does. Anger comes before the fall. It can destroy what you had built for years in a moment.
A man or woman who believes God for great feats must first master anger.
Anger is a cruel friend, unfriend it.
This may also help you;
• Don’t talk/act under the ministration of anger.
• If in public, look for a way to pull out in solace and listen to your favorite tune.
• If at home, lock yourself somewhere or just take a walk, show the scene your back.
#ZBM will help you. Anger will kill you…!


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