Original Leadership Philosophy (by Dr. Myles Munroe).


• Trapped in every follower is a hidden leader.

• Every human was created to lead and design for dominion; not to dominate other human, but to dominate an area of their gifting.
• You were born to lead. But you must become the leader. Planting a seed does not guarantee that there will be a tree. The seed must grow into a tree;
True leadership is self- manifestation.

Now, here’s the punchline:
• For the fact that you are opportuned to lead a group of people is just a mere previledge; in your followers are great leaders, some times better leaders than you. Be wise, identify and explore them. Don’t allow pride to make you exploit them or deem them feeble.

• The solution to Nigeria depression is neither in APC nor PDP, nor any other political party. The solution is in individual Nigerians.
The time has come for you and I to determine to positively dominate our areas of calling. Your current position and carrier are the seeds u have to develop that giant tree that can shade the entire garden from. So don’t say, “Zion is not referring to me, I don’t have the capacity to shade Nigeria.

Nigeria is in crises because well meaning Nigerians have overtime allowed people with permeable tendencies to dominate the garden. ☺

I trust that by this post, you will become part of the new generation, built from economic recession, to salvage our beloved nation, Nigeria.
Every great nation was built from crises and by a generation of people with rugged tenacity.
You are the next hero of Nigeria!
Have a wonderful night rest…


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