#ProductivityToday What’s Your Price?


Is it money, is it sex, is your price diligence, or is it other forms of compromise?

Your price-tag determines your sphere-tag

Everyprice-tag individual has a certain price-tag. What is yours?
Again, your progress is in a way consistent with your price-tag.
Some ladies will have sex with anything to get what they want. Many men will collect money equivalent to their price-tag to perpetuate any form of evil.
This is killing us ladies and gentlemen.
Productivity oriented people pose diligence and right character. They only give it to you when it’s going to benefit the system involved and the general human course. This’s why we call them great.

Please say no to “runs,” especially if you want to make it to the top.
Runs will run you down sooner or later.
Have a lovely day ahead.


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