Leaders Are Not Born.


If you see any blossoming leader, there is lots of inputs on the background. Don’t let anyone lie to you that leaders are born. Even a child with leadership traits still needs to fan it to flame.
Else, he would end up leading just his shadow.

GreatSam Speaker 20170608_125244 nations like USA and China are not lucky. They only have people or leaders with the required inputs.
My Nigeria is not where it should be not because there are no people with great leadership potentials, but because the present leaders are not making the right inputs.
The output you expect is in the inputs you are willing and ready to make. What you call luck is opportunity meeting preparedness.
Greatness will not fall on your labs beloved. You need to tap into it. You need to unearth it from within. You need to toe the line of consistent personal development.
You need to incite the consciousness that you need to keep ticking to the right direction, like the second of a clock, in other to be able to pull the other minute and hour arms to your direction.

Imprint this to your mind beloved.
We need leaders now more than ever.
You are born to lead. Lead! Leader, lead!!


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