It’s true that life is not measured by the number of years in a man’s life. But by the number of life in his years.

💡 The only way to live for ever is to live for others.
You don’t need to seek many years here on earth. Just focus on one major problem of mankind, and solve it. That will make you stick around in our minds, irrespective of how long you lived.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet Shoisiro Hunder, and even our own Aliko Dangote understand this trick.

What are your deepest convictions?
They are the parameters to your eternal life. Don’t be confused. “Just do it” like that. Sacrifice what you need to sacrifice for it. Give it the obtainable discipline and determination.
Don’t be like my friend who said she is learning tailoring so she can make and mend her clothes and that of her family members.
A selfish vision is posterity assassin.

Don’t pray for long life if you would not live for others.


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