Three kinds of investors.


THE NEVER INVEST; these people work for their money. And, they spend them on what will give their life meaning for the moment. They later expect their family, the company they worked for or the government to take care of them once their working days are over.
They are the old men and women we pity around us. They are so many everyway in this country.

THE INVEST NOT TO LOSE; these guys are so skeptical, they generally invest only when they have all the assurance of success and boom.
They are the vast majority of investors. They have the saver’s mentality. They are majorly women. They have close to a million naira in the account and are still writting CVs for a job placement. Soon, the saved money will vanish because there was no good enough investment opportunity. And they will return to depend on other people once they are weak.
They are the people you still wish you could help around you…

images (4)

THE INVEST TO WIN; the only difference between these folks is that the are willing to study more, want more control and invest for higher returns. If their guess is convincing enough, kpim! they sail out. These are the people you pity because they had made so much “avoidable mistakes.” Though you somehow also celebrate them because they have learnt and become great from those mistakes. They are those even government lends from to take care of the rest.

Please note: all of these investors have the potential to become very rich, even those who expect someone else to take care of them. So, I’ll be humble to leave you with your choice.

What kind of investor are you?
What kind are you thriving to become?



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