Do you know that everyone on this earth has a dream?

Yes, everyone has at the back of his/her mind the things he/she wishes to achieve.
But why then do many fall below the mark of achievement?

It’s simply because their dreams are not followed by goals.
💡A goal to me is the ongoing pursuit of a worthy objective until accomplished. The difference between a dream and a goal, is the date.

I know you have a dream. But have yet set it in motion yet?
Are you ready to follow through it until accomplished?
Is it worthy?
Is it time bound?
If any of the question pulls a “no” as an answer, then you may need to dream again.

💡Our world don’t pay anyone for dreaming. We pay people for setting their dreams in motion.
Will you still shrink to your shell after this broadcast, or will you go all out to give your dreams some action steps?
Like I always say, the choice and the consequences are yours.


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