💡”A man’s reach should be beyond his grasp.”

~Robert Kiyosaki.

Have you ever heard a young person say they hope they become a bum someday?
Usually, they say things like, “I’d like to be an engineer. I want to become the president. I want to become a doctor.” These are demanding and sometimes heroics professions, and the young people have the dreams and aspirations to match them.

Winners are young at heart; they aim high and have the enthusiasm and the plans to achieve what they are aiming for. They may have wild dreams, but focus on what it’s going to take to achieve them.

You need to be young at heart to achieve anything worthwhile. Some people have failed because they are too old and cold at heart. If you follow my work, that group does not include you. A little more stretching will land you on the greenland.

💡 Where you are is your transportation, not your destination.
You can, you will and you are productive, if you could just stretch a bit. Like the rubber band you’ll only be useful when you stretch.


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