How is life to you?

Is it hard?
Is it simple?
However, it’s all your making.

If you do simple things your life would be hard.
If you do hard things your life would be simple.
Uncommon people, like the ones we celebrate on Eminence magazine, find a way to do difficult things. Common people settle for simple things and still complain about their hard life.

Is that you?

I can hear you say, “God forbid.”
But read the following lines carefully…
You need to divert your energy and focus to more difficult things.
Anyone you celebrate today, is due to the hard path he/she chose to take. In other words, you are rather celebrating the hard decisions he made not him.

The world would celebrate you if you decide today, this minute, to be tired of life on the bench, and get on the hard track.
Refuse to do the conventional and common things. Even if you do, give it a unique and uncommon touch. Till you do this you will still wish you were who you could have been.

I read a book written from two great men who are obsessed with doing the hard and mighty things, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. They came together and decided to tittle their book “why we want you to be rich.” In the book Robert Kiyosaki mentioned the 90/10 rule of money. In this rule, 90 percent of the world population share just 10 percent of the wealth of the world. And the remaining 10 percent of the world population enjoy the whopping 90 percent of our wealth.

Is not that challenging?

Get the crux, this 10 percent wealthy individuals have one common thing in their locker, the love for the scarcely driven path. This 10 percent rich individuals look for ways through hard endeavors, while the remaining 90 percent of us pray for miracle to happen to us, avoiding any hard experience and pretending we never had the opportunity.
I have decided to quit that shell long ago.
I wish you follow me, by this God inspired article.

However, paying preference to hard thing is thinking big and expansively. To entrepreneurs, thinking expansively includes seeing what is possible and making it happen. Entrepreneurs see vision and call it good sense and inevitable. The rest of the world calls it inovation.

To a corporate worker, thinking big includes working not just for money, but to study and understand the systems that drive his or her workplace in other to reinvent something of that sort elsewhere but with a distinctive touch.
It is also understanding the systems and a character necessary to run a corporate organization.
To a leader, thinking big includes seeking consistent personal growth in capacity and discipline. Knowing that it’s impossible to lead people farer than you’ve gone.

Either ways, it’s easier said than done. But the few individuals who give all the determination, self-control, focus and consistency needed to crack the hard code are the few we call powerful.
Even you can increase their number.
Somebody will read this God inspired piece and still returns to the bench thinking, “Zion doesn’t refer to me.” I’m not just blessed enough for this.”

Again, is that person you?

If not congratulations in advance; you are set to enjoy the positive and lever provided by right choices.
Your life is your chance, seize it.
Your life is the only common credit card given to all of at birth, use yours wisely.
You would remember you read this.
See you at the top.

Zion Bassey.
Your Productivity Technologist.
Contact him at; 08068281346


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