You Are Your First Project (part 2) I know you're often very busy. I know you don't even have time to eat. But please read the following lines intently... 💡You are your first project. Feeding your mind is equivalent to feeding your stomach. 💡 Again, every external project will allign in geometry and pace once … Continue reading #ProductivityToday



You Are Your First Project (part 1) Personal development should be your first goal, if you are serious about achieving anything worthwhile in this life. Recently, I spill an opportunity for people to get upto 20 e-books at a ridiculous price. And, guess what? I am yet to recieve up to 25 orders. This same … Continue reading #ProductivityToday

Original Leadership Philosophy (by Dr. Myles Munroe).

#ProductivityToday ________________________ • Trapped in every follower is a hidden leader. • Every human was created to lead and design for dominion; not to dominate other human, but to dominate an area of their gifting. • You were born to lead. But you must become the leader. Planting a seed does not guarantee that there … Continue reading Original Leadership Philosophy (by Dr. Myles Munroe).


#ProductivityToday ------------------------------------- People never feel secure because they always think that they will lose their job, their spouse, their health, blah blah blah! But the only true security in life comes from knowing that every single day you are improving your life (your career, relationships, everything about you) in some way. That you are increasing … Continue reading HOW TO KEEP WHAT YOU HAVE


Father’s influence goes to the fourth generation after him. Whitney Houston’s parents Emily (Cissy) and John Houston divorced when she was at kindergarten. Together with lover, Bobby Brown, Whitney smoked crack in the presence of their 5 year old daughter, Bobbi Kristina. At 22, Bobbi died of drug abuse…her mother Whitney died at 48 on … Continue reading PARENTING