When God brought Eve to Adam, Adam saw a woman in her. He would have called her anything else but he recognized her as a woman for she was taken out of a man.

She has the same Spirit as a man; the same stuff that makes a man who he is. The same Spirit is at work in both although with different unique roles. It’s the same Spirit yet, different unique configurations.


She is not inferior before her man yet also not in competition with him. She is a builder and not a threat. She is a suitable partner, a ready supporter and not a load. Deep within her are Can-do potentials. She has raw energy that can support and sustain productivity.

She is a man with a womb, an incubator of visions, a store of creative seeds, a reservoir of wealth, a capable helper, a ready worker. She carries the future in her womb. She wouldn’t abort her dreams. Her desire is to birth her visions and nurture them to greatness. She is too loaded and not a dry stock who thinks that she is a failure without a man in her life.

Marriage does not give her myopia (short-sightedness).
She sees the peak of her career and aims at it. She identifies her potentials and runs with them.

She is a cheerful giver and not a perpetual receiver. She sows into the life of her man even when he has enough. She carries words of blessing and encouragement in her mouth and she pours them on him at will. Her words can quench fire. She is not the headquarter of gossip.

She knows more than, “I love you”. She brings value into her relationship. She keeps communication flowing. She attends to her mental capacity. She is not also afraid of walking out of a relationship that threatens her values. She doesn’t beg to be tolerated in a relationship that strangles her dignity.

Real women don’t discuss men. They don’t make men the subject of their everyday discussions. They don’t carry men on their lips as though their world only comes alive with a man inside it. They don’t make men their big picture. They mind their businesses yet maintain a cheerful disposition.

She is teachable, compassionate and tender. She has an inward beauty and tends it with humility. She is more beautiful internally. She covers her outward beauty with her character. She hides valuable parts of her body inside her clothes. She doesn’t hawk them on the streets.

She has a charming character, a welcoming smile, a loving heart and an admirable intelligence.

She is audacious, Daring, adventurous, creative, industrious and given to work.

Are you a woman or just a girl with a sizeable shape? An attractive body shape without a corresponding mental stamina is a risk. Grow up!FB_IMG_1475305644493.jpg