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How much are you worth? N2000 a week? N5000 a week? N20000 a week? Whether you know it or not, each of us is wearing an invisible price tag.

The man earning N2000 weekly does not see himself as being worth more than that figure.
Yes, he may wish for more; but his inner eyes see him as a N2000-a-week man.
The same is true with the man earning N20000 week.

“If it is so easy to get rich, why isn’t everyone rich?” I am often asked.
And, it does seem like a sensible question.

The answer to this question is that very few people can realize that it is so easy to be rich.
Most people, either consciously or subconsciously, feel that to become rich requires years of grueling labor.

To tell such people that literally all one has to do to change his condition is to change his thoughts.

“How will I gain an awareness of riches Zion?” You may ask.

Other than creative thoughts and strategic actions, there is a very old proverb I should like to quote at this point: Seek thy comrades among the industrious for the idle will sap thy energy from thee.

Have you ever noticed that when you spend an hour or two with a successful person – a doer – you leave feeling like doing great things yourself?

Why then do many still waste their moments with idle, negative thinkers? To succeed, you must up your invisible price tag; demand more of yourself. Set bigger goals on a consistent basis. This will trigger your desire to develop yourself to fit into it.
You are where you are because of the invisible price tag you carry.
Does that make sense to you?


These two words are among the most potent ones in English language.

Reflect on the times when you were gloomy and sad.
Were you inspired to do big things? Did you feel ambitious to blaze new trails? The answer is, of course, no.

Think of the times when you were exuberant, when every fiber of your being was scintillating with joy.
Didn’t you have the urge to go places and do things? Projects which under normal conditions might appear laborious to perform seemed like nothing at all.

Be happy! If you have problems (and who hasn’t?) be happy that with the knowledge you have gained, you can master them instead of being mastered by them.

“How can I be happy with all the worries I have Zion?” You may wonder.

Since gloom can do nothing except block your road to freedom, doesn’t it behoove one to use his ingenuity in finding ways of becoming happy? Watch the TV and see how many stories there are about people who would be happy to be in your position.
You’ll soon be able to understand how well off you are.
Don’t have unbearable and externally dependent rule system. Hinge the reasons of your happiness to yourself. Remember, everything you smile at smiles back at you. Vice versa. Won’t it be better if you smile at every circumstance you meet in order to go through it with ease? I know you are inspired…
Good morning and have a blissful week ahead.



Do not wish you could change, but see yourself as having changed.
Here is a statement I cannot overemphasize! Make sure you are not merely wishing for the change being considered.

As you have read in so many of my dailypedia, wishing is negative.
When you wish for something it is an indication that you do not expect to get it – otherwise you would not have to wish for it.

How then can you take advantage of desire?
It begins with having a rock solid goal and doing what Philosopher Jim Rohn said, “If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plans, your plans will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us.”
True or true?

Pablo Picasso also asserted, “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order to learn how to do it.”
What have you been wishing for?
The only way to convert it to desire and reality is daring to take action in relation to it.

You must not be good at it at first. But consistent action will refine your competence and eventual accomplishment.
Stop wishing. Start desiring; be commited and take appropriate actions in line with your goal.



You may sternly ask in protest, “what do you mean Zion? Do you think I am broke because I want to be? Do you think I am unhappy because I want to be? Etc.”

Naturally no one wants to be broke or unhappy; but the fact still remains that we are what we think we are.
Please read beyond the lines of this post.

“I’m not a bit musical,” you’ll hear from the one who has not taken up music.
“I’m not at all handy with tools,” the man who has done nothing in the field of crafts will say.
“No one can cross my path and go free,” Another will say.

You are what you think you are! Our bodies do not reflect talent, or the lack of it.
If a man is not musical, it is not because there is some physical characteristic which makes him musical, or otherwise. If a man is not easy going it is not because he can’t be.

What we are is a reflection of the mental image we have been holding of ourselves.

Before any of you will reply this post with an exception, let me say that in talking about various traits of character, I am referring to the normal individual.

Naturally a one-legged man could not win a foot race, no matter what kind of mental pictures he might hold.
But he is what he thinks he is with the healthy part of his body.
You are what you think you are!
What do you think you are?

Think about it!


If it wasn’t for their tombstone, we wouldn’t know that some people were alive.

What a tragedy?

You should live so effectively that there won’t be any need for a tombstone to mark your grave; because your life will be in the heart and memories of those who could never forget you or what you did.

Truly, great people don’t need monument because we will always remember them. I know you still have the names of some of them in your mind as you are reading this words.
Don’t you?
They lived so well that you can’t forget them right?

If you live properly, history will not be able to ignore that you lived. Thank God ZBM is there to guide you.



Priority requires that there are places and people you have to detach yourself from if you’re going to make it to your dream.
Please don’t take this fact lightly.

Some people say that it doesn’t matter with whom they associate, that they don’t want to hurt anybody by disassociating from them.
My present level of life is a product of disassociation. My life changed the moment I realized that people heading north can’t be in the same vehicle with people heading south.

I know you are going somewhere great; but if you must reach there, you must disassociate from toxic people who can dissuade you from your dream.
Remember, you can’t choose your family. But you can choose your friends.
Your friends are the reflection of your future.
Wishing you a happy holiday…


Hi, I am Zion Bassey.

I’m passionate about helping people and institutions to tap into their deepest potentials and live their most desired lives. I do this through: TRAINING, THERAPY, COACHING and WRITTING. You would be glad you hired me.

During a session with a guy in his office sometime ago, he asked a profound question, which I’ll love to share in brief with you today.

He asked, “I have done so much for this company, I deserve to be promoted. Rather, I recieve queries and suspensions from my boss. Is something still lacking from my part, or is it not from share wickedness?”
He had just resumed from another suspension and had decided to find what the course of his misfortune is.

Like I told him, you can never be promoted to a higher level when your work and character is of the lower level. Great companies don’t reward you with promotion for your donkey durat


You Behave What You Believe

ion in the company, but for your consistent useful initiatives. They won’t promote you for doing what they trained and pay you to do, but for your initiatives to solving complex problems.

Conversely, when your job and products are very difficult to find a replacement, you are on the top already. It won’t take long before your higher height manifest. Any short cut to it will not favour you on the long term. The more difficult it’s to find your replacement, the higher you go. Not even a wicked boss or client can stop you.
When ever you are on the downward spiral, something is lacking. Remember as I use to say, if you do not change, nothing else will change. Satan cannot stand a man whose life is full of consistent improvement.